Weather Looks Good For Indiana Green Expo, Don't Miss It!

The weather looks great this week for a winter conference. Since it doesn't look like there will be any snow to push or shovel, we invite you to come to the Indiana Green Expo. Don't miss Indiana’s most comprehensive green industry conference and trade show!

January 9-11, 2013 • Indiana Convention Center
*** Registration available at door. ***
  • Special workshops on Wednesday, January 9 and diverse educational tracks throughout Thursday, January 10 and Friday, January 11.
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEU & CCH) available for Indiana, surrounding states, and nationally.
  • Connect with over 1,900 green industry professionals from Indiana and surrounding states.
  • Trade Show on January 10 & 11 features green industry businesses throughout the country displaying the newest products.
  • Keynote Speaker:  Charlie Hall, Ph.D., Professor of Horticulture, Texas A&M University
    Managing Inputs Effectively in Uncertain Times,
    Thursday, January 10, Opening Session, 8:00 – 10:15 am
  • Awards Programs for INLA & MRTF:
    Thursday,  January 10, 5:00 – 7:00 pm, Convention Center
  • Landscape Challenge: Landscape teams compete to build a 200 sq. foot landscape/garden project in 4 hours!
    Thursday, January 10, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Trade Show Floor
For more information visit
To view a digital version of the 2013 IGE Show Program click here.

The Indiana Green Expo is presented in partnership by the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association and Midwest Regional Turf Foundation.

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2013 Turf Weed Control for Professionals, Now Available

The revised edition of Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals is now available. The 96 page publication includes content on:
  • Turfgrass Culture
  • Weed Types
  • Weed Life Cycles
  • Developing a Weed Control Program
  • Indicator Weeds              
  • Herbicide Information (use, nomenclature, classification, mode of action, movement, resistance, etc.)
  • Control of Tough Weeds
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Weed Control with Herbicides
  • Nonselective Herbicides/Fumigants for Turfgrass Renovation
  • Nonselective Herbicides for Turfgrass Border Maintenance (Edging)
  • Preemergence Herbicides (weed control ratings for preemergence herbicides, turf tolerance information, and more instructions for each product)
  • Postemergence Herbicides (weed control ratings for postemergence broadleaf herbicides and turf tolerance, and more instructions for each product)
  • Commonly Used Broadleaf Herbicide Combinations for Turfgrass
  • Active Ingredients in Commonly Used Herbicide Combinations
  • Sedge Control Herbicides (sedge control and turfgrass tolerance ratings, turf tolerance information, and more instructions for each product)
  • Plant Growth Regulators for General Turf Use
  • Preemergence, Postemergence and PGR Options for Putting Greens
  • Postemergence Weed Control in Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens
  • Common and Trade Names of Registered Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators (264 different products and 98 unique herbicide ingredient combination are discussing in this publication)
  • Herbicide/PGR Common Names, Chemical Families, and Modes of Action
  • Herbicide Math
This is truly a comprehensive guide for those using herbicides in turf regardless of whether you manage athletic fields, a golf course, lawns, cemeteries, sod farms, parks, or other turf areas.

Added in 2013 are
  • New Herbicides
  • Color Photos of Crabgrass Growth Stages
  • Color Photos of Herbicide Mode of Action
  • Answers to 9 New Frequently Asked Questions
Also new in 2013 is the availability of a .pdf version for those that want an electronic copy.

It is sold for $12 as a hard copy (paperback) and $10 as an electronic (.pdf) copy. For companies with many employees interested in this information, a 25% discounted bulk order of 25 copies is available for $225.

Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals, 2013

Aaron Patton, Turfgrass Extension Specialist

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Tree Problems? We Have an App for That!

After two years of development, we have released a new smart phone app that will help you diagnose and find recommendations to manage over 175 tree problems on over 60 kinds of trees. We call it the Purdue Tree Doctor. It will be like having our entire library of photos and recommendations in your pocket when trying to make a diagnosis.  More importantly, you will be able to use these high resolution photos to help convince your clients of the accuracy of your diagnosis and of the need to make important management decisions.

If you know which type of tree you have (maple, oak, pine etc.) the app will help you match damaged plant parts with over 1,000 high-resolution photos, based upon the location of the problem: leaves, branches, stems, roots, etc. Once you have a tentative diagnosis you can double check it by following links on each photo to detailed descriptions of damage and stages of problem development. From there you can get advice for management. Alternatively, if you know the problem, you can use the aps to find management tips by searching through our problem list. This app is useful for most problems you will encounter in the Midwestern and Eastern United States.

For those of you with spotty internet connections, you will be pleased to know that we designed the Purdue Tree Doctor to have all of its critical information and photos on the phone in a modest package size (250 mb) with a modest price.

The Purdue Tree Doctor costs only $1.99 and is available now for the I-Phone, and the I-Pod touch at

If you download it from the I-tunes store via a web browser you can put it on your I-pad and enjoy the larger pictures and format.  For those of you without phone or data plans, you can buy an I-phone touch and gain access to this information. Currently we are developing the application for Android phones and expect it to be out in January of 2013.

Cliff Sadof and Janna Beckerman, Purdue University

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Remembering 2012: Top Posts on the Blog

As we remember back on 2012, the drought and the early spring warm-up were two of the biggest topics of the year and drew the most visits to our blog. Here were the top 6 posts of 2012.


My Lawn is Brown and Crunchy… Is it Dead? What do ... Jun 26, 2012


New Lawn Recovery Guide Aug 17, 2012


Get your motor running: Crabgrass control adjustme... Mar 9, 2012


Time to Water? May 24, 2012


When Will Crabgrass Germinate? Mar 16, 2012


Crabgrass is Now Germinating at Most Indiana Locat... Mar 23, 2012


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Newly added Forestry and Natural Resources/Extension Publications

I thought I would share these new publications from our colleagues on campus in Forestry and Natural Resources.

Why Is My Tree Dying?
This publication explains how trees can be injured and die from damage suffered during construction projects.

Tree Appraisal
This publication provides an explanation of the tree appraisal process, and the methods and considerations appraisers use when they assign a value to trees. Species, location and condition rating tables are included to assist in the valuation process for landscape trees.

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