Friday, April 18, 2014

Crabgrass Germination Coming Soon!

This time of year many have questions about crabgrass control. Below are several previous Purdue turf tips that answer the most commonly asked questions about crabgrass control.
  1. When will crabgrass germinate?
  2. When should I apply my preemergence herbicide (crabgrass preventer)?
  3. Which preemergence herbicide should I use?
  4. How do I control crabgrass in spring seeded turf?
  5. Do split applications provide better control than a single application?
  6. How to identify crabgrass?
  7. How will the cool spring affect crabgrass control? Originally posted April 22, 2011
  8. How might a late frost affect crabgrass?
Forsythia blooms are an indicator that crabgrass germination is just around the corner. See the link above "When will crabgrass germinate?"
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Aaron Patton, Turf Extension Specialist


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