Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr. Cale Bigelow Sabbatical

Just a quick note from across the pond. I will be on study-leave/sabbatical for fall semester from 15 Aug. - 31 December, 2011. I will be collaborating with colleagues interested in urban ecology and studying alternative low input turfgrass systems in Europe (primarily the United Kingdom). Please note that during this time I will have limited access to my Purdue email but will do my best to check it at least weekly. Do not be offended if my responses are slow, I have not forgotten about you, things are just slower over here...! If you call my office phone I will be checking that number very infrequently you are better off to send me an email cbigelow@purdue.edu or simply call Jennifer Biehl directly 765-494-8039. In my absence, the Turf Team (Drs. Gibb, Jiang, Latin, Patton, Richmond and of course Ms. Jennifer Biehl) are more than able to help answer any questions you might have regarding turfgrass in Indiana. You can find loads more information on our turf home page. www.agry.purdue.edu/turf


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