Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MRTF Turf and Ornamental Seminar - November 14-15

Turf and Ornamental Seminar
November 14-15, 2012
Daniel Turf Center
West Lafayette, Indiana

Registration Form (PDF Format)

Registration Deadline: November 2, 2012
CCH's: Cat. 2 - 5 CCH's; Cat. 3a - 8 CCH's; Cat. 3b - 9 CCH's; Cat. 6 - 3 CCH's; RT - 4 CCH's

Wednesday, November 14
8:00-8:30              Registration
8:30-8:45              Opening comments, Aaron Patton
8:8:45-9:45          All About Turf Seed: Identification, Germination, Planting, Aaron Patton
9:45-10:45           Safe Tree Felling: What You Need To Know, Lindsey Purcell
10:45-11:45         Getting Your Hands Dirty: Learning More About Soils, Quincy Law
11:45-12:45         Lunch (on your own)
12:45-1:40           Selection and Inspection of Spray Hoses and DOT Rules, Fred Whitford
1:40-2:00              DOT Regulation Changes: What You Need to Know, Fred Whitford
2:00-3:00              State Chemist News and Updates, Joe Becovitz
3:00-4:00              Weather Effects on Insects: How Do Insects Cope?, Tim Gibb

Thursday, November 15
8:00-8:30              Turf Jeopardy, Aaron Patton
8:30-9:30              New Tools For Managing Landscape and Ornamental Insect Pests, Cliff Sadof
9:30-10:30           Maintaining Grounds: Keeping Native Species In and Invasives Out, Matt Kraushar
10:30-11:30         Perennial Disappointments: Diseases of Perennial Plants, Janna Beckerman
11:30-12:15         Lunch (provided)
12:15-1:15           Promoting Turf Recovery…Fertilizer Strategies, Seeding and More!, Cale Bigelow
1:15-2:15              Identification and Control of Turf Diseases, Rick Latin
2:15-3:15              Herbicide Update: New Resources and Ingredients, Aaron Patton

If you have any questions or have any special dietary needs please contact Jennifer Biehl at 765-494-8039 or biehlj@purdue.edu


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