Thursday, March 13, 2014

Use Purdue Plant Doctor Apps for Android and iPhones to Fix Plant Problems

Correct diagnosis is the most important step you can take toward fixing plant problems. We took the best photos we had in our libraries and put them in our apps to help you become better plant managers. The Purdue Plant Doctor suite of smart phone apps will help you diagnose and find recommendations to manage the most common insect, disease and environmental problems on the most common trees and flowers in the landscape. Our apps are a pocket encyclopedia that uses over 2000 photos to identify and fix more than 200 problems on over 200 kinds of plants.

You can diagnose problems with our apps in three easy steps. First identify the kind of plant that has the problem. So, for example, if you are using the Purdue Tree Doctor, choose the kind of tree (eg. oak, maple, or pine) to narrow your search. Second, you choose the part of the plant that looks bad (leaves, flowers, branches, trunk or roots) to narrow your search even further. Third, you match the problem on the plant with our photos by swiping through our collection of high resolution photos. To save you time, the app arranges the photos for each of the plants so that the most common problems show up first! You can confirm your diagnosis by reading details linked to the photo.
If you already know the problem you have, just skip the diagnostic process and look it up from a list. Then you can get detailed information about the damage the problem can cause, its life cycle and how to control it with some combination of cultural practices and, if needed, a pesticide or fungicide.

All three apps, the Purdue Tree Doctor ($1.99), the Purdue Perennial Doctor ($0.99), and the Purdue Annual Doctor ($0.99) are available from the iTunes store. Although not yet optimized, it can be downloaded into your iTunes library and then loaded onto an iPad, where you can enjoy the larger pictures and format. 

The Purdue Tree Doctor is now available for Android in the Google Play Store for $1.99. This version will work on all Android devices including small and medium sized tablets.

Keep up on the latest versions and eventual release of Android versions of all three apps by checking the Purdue Plant Doctor website:

Cliff Sadof, Department of Entomology and Janna Beckerman, Department of Plant Pathology Purdue University


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