Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Imprelis Update: DuPont Begins Claims Resolution Process

On September 6, DuPont began a process to fairly resolve claims for impact on trees that DuPont™ Imprelis® herbicide may have caused. Below are links to documents useful to turf professionals who applied Imprelis® last fall or this spring. More information is available at and at (866) 796-4783. The deadline for submission of claims is November 30, 2011.

Note on fall fertilization: Fertilizing affected trees and shrubs during 2011 is not recommended, but fertilization of the turf in the fall of 2011 is recommended per normal turf fertilizer recommendations (see recent turf tips on September 1, 2011). When damaged trees and shrubs are surrounded by turf, take care to fertilize outside the drip line of damaged trees so not to stimulate new growth of the trees.

Information From DuPont:

Letter to Lawn Care Professionals from DuPont

Claims Resolution Process Lawn Care Professional Overview

Letter to Golf Course Superintendents from DuPont

Photography Instructions Before Removing Trees

Frequently Asked Questions about the Claims Process

Updated Documents from Purdue University for Use by Turf Professionals

A Homeowner’s Guide to Imprelis® Herbicide Injury in the Landscape

A Turf Professional’s Guide to Imprelis® Herbicide Injury in the Landscape


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