Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Imprelis UPDATE

A new publication, Imprelis Update: 2012 Field Notes on Injury and Recovery, was just developed by Purdue Specialists to address some of the many questions being asked about Imprelis in 2012 including:
  • Did trees recover from Imprelis® injury?
  • Are new symptoms being discovered?
  • What Should I Do if I Suspect Imprelis® Injured Trees BUT I Didn’t Notice the Damage in 2011?
  • What Is OISC’s 2012 Response on this Issue?
  • Can I Do Anything to Help Trees Recover?
  • What Do We Know Now that We Didn’t Then?
  • What Is Taking DuPont So Long?
  • Where Can I Get More Information?
To read the publication visit: 
Imprelis Update: 2012 Field Notes on Injury and Recovery
(PDF) (6/12)

Additionally, to help interested parties better keep track of all the information related to Imprelis, the Purdue Turf Program has created a website that lists important documents from the Purdue Turf Program, Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory, Purdue news releases, Office of the Indiana State Chemist, EPA, and DuPont. Click on the link below to access this site.

Aaron Patton, Turfgrass Extension Specialist


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